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During that mid to late 90ís, the hair replacement field made great changes and improvements. Not only could a hair replacement look natural when dry and styled, but also while perspiring or swimming. The industry as a whole created new names, such as non-surgical hair grafts or non-surgical implants for this new generation of hair replacements to distinguish then from old fashioned toupees.

Non-surgical hair implantation is probably the most practical solution to hair replacement and most affordable for people experiencing hair loss. It is important to realize that a hair system is only as good as the stylist that installs the system.

I am old fashioned and just prefer to call them hair systems.

A non surgical implant is accomplished by attaching a hair system (the hair appears to grow directly from your own scalp) to existing hair with surgical type glue and then cutting the hair so that it blends in with the growing hair. By using human or top quality synthetic hair, really can and normally does look totally natural. This procedure is not nearly as expensive as surgical hair implantation.

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